4 Seasons consulting takes the entrepreneur at all times of the year seriously

The problem is often that entrepreneurs excessive are accompanied at the start of their establishment, but that they be left to their fate in the period thereafter.

In the most important period of the enterprise, which about 70% of the life of the company includes, search entrepreneurs therefore often their salvation at other service providers! These service providers, however, hardly know their company and they may not providing guidance that is expected of them!

Four Seasons has developed a strategy which we entrepreneurs during all periods of his or her company. For example, spring for the start-up phase, summer for the growth phase, the phase of stabilization for autumn and winter for the phase of realization through the sale of the company and the carefree enjoyment of the entrepreneur.

Everything revolves around the best possible result for the clients, because if they are successful, we also share them with them.


You get the jitters, the trees grow to the sky.

You know for sure you are going to start an enterprise, there is one buy or continue one. And after that it just wait until your multinational company to the stock exchange. Unfortunately, the reality in 99 of the 100 cases different. Four Seasons know this from experience and will try to protect you for traps.


The turnover increases, the company is growing fast. In short, nothing can happen to you. Or is it?

During your holiday you cherish all thoughts on a longer stay abroad, you are, after all, a successful businessman? In Rotterdam we say: ”Not then well then?!”
Suddenly you get a phone call from The Netherlands. The bank has terminated the credit scheme, an important client is bankrupt, there are losses known at your Office abroad and there is fraud in the Purchasing Department. The curator is already jumped on the bike to visit your company.

And oh yes, the credit card is blocked so it is to be hoped that you have enough money on your holiday trip. Nonsense you say?
We have experienced it, but fortunately not to our clients!

Four Seasons performs a number of so-called ‘ bad weather ‘ conversations with you, far before ripples on the surface occur. Then in the summer you can certainly go on vacation with a good feeling and prepare yourself quietly for autumn.


Your company does not suffer from the autumn storms. By the growth of the past few years there have been strong roots grown. 

However, your company needs to be made winter-ready. But before that happens, you have to stay in the store well.
Are you well informed, do you employ the right managers and do they manage your employees well?

Don’t you have to look at the employment conditions policy, does the current financing fit with the company? What about securing your retirement funds? Is your successor already in house or do you need to look elsewhere? The organizational structure is still up-to-date?
Do the activities and objectives (mission and vision) of your company still fit in the current time?

Before you slip on the falling leaves is wise to have a lot of conversations with Four Seasons and its affiliated Networkers. They can give you the right advice.


What can still happen to you? After all, it is winter!
Harvesting in the winter is not just possible, you know that too?

Selling your company is not a decision you take overnight. It feels like selling a relative. Make sure that the flight path has been correct. Make sure that you install sufficient sureties during the sale so that you can really enjoy carefree. Do not let your old company become a millstone around your neck!

Prepare for your life after that of being an entrepreneur. 

Life in which the telephone no longer goes, and you’re no longer the centre. What are you going to do besides traveling and “things that I have not been able to do for a long time” really do? Enjoyment is also a profession!

Four Seasons will hold a number of solid talks with you to ensure that carefree is really carefree. We will gladly give you further explanations during a personal meeting.

We advise our clients in a variety of situations


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