We advise our clients in a variety of situations



  • Tax returns;
  • Requests fiscal unit;
  • Guidance research by Tax Authorities.


  • Establishing private limited companies (B.V.’s);
  • Setting up organizational structure company;
  • Insertion/convert sole proprietorship or partnership in private limited company including auditor’s report;
  • Join (for example, employee)/retirement shareholders at private limited companies including plan of action;
  • Setup/setting up administrative organization;
  • Discuss strategic, tactical and operational objectives entrepreneur and Enterprise: act as a sounding board.
koop verkoop onerneming

Buy and / or sell company

  • Set up a plan of approach;
  • Preparing the company for sale;
  • Take care of company presentation via information memorandum;
  • Valuation company;
  • Execute feasibility research (due diligence);
  • Attending negotiations;
  • Drafting contracts including or confidentiality agreement.
financiele planning

Financial planning

  • What is already built up of pension;
  • What is being built up of pension;
  • Current capital or annuity policies;
  • Savings;
  • Enterprise Value, value property, other assets;
  • Expenditure pattern now and in the future;
  • Testament and finance next of kin.


  • Assistance in setting up financial structure Enterprise;
  • Request financing.
informal investment

Informal investment (private investor)

Founders and informal investors, including families, friends, and private investors or foolhardy strangers, contribute to investment in start-up companies. Foolhardy strangers are also called ‘business angels’

  • Drafting a business plan containing swot analysis, cash flow, operations, strategy, marketing, organisation, staff;
  • Due diligence investigation in addition to pre scan banker/informal investor;
  • Research during the project and reporting;
  • Evaluation existing company drawing up exit-control;
  • Structure and financial and other reporting and communication;
  • Strategy plans, annual plans, annual budgeting;
  • Calls with entrepreneur and informal investor;
  • Carry out project administration;
  • Prepare Financial reporting calls between entrepreneur and informal investor;
  • Attending and taking minutes of discussions between entrepreneur and informal Investor;
  • Advice on economic-, commercial-, automation-and tax field;
  • Mediation in conflict/disagreement between informal investor and entrepreneur.

Preparations of IPOs and IPOs, you cannot expect from us. We can however, when you enabled professional support. And that is also cheaper for you weather financial.

Small organizations can deliver the quality of A premium brand. It keeps people business.


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